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Helen Carey’s novels

‘Helen’s novels are written with a lightness of touch, an emotional integrity and an historical accuracy which has brought her respect from critics and readers alike by making this period of history accessible to large audiences worldwide.’                  Louis de Bernières

Lavender Road opens in September 1939 at the outbreak of war and follows the entwined lives of the people who live in one narrow south London Street through the first year of hostilities. Everyone suspects that the war will change their lives, perhaps for ever … and mostly they are right. ‘This novel, with its vivid portrayal of wartime life on the Home Front, creates a rich tapestry which depicts in all its fascinating detail the story of South London at war. Helen Carey’s characters are so real that they live on with you beyond the page. Sparkling storytelling.’  Western Telegraph


Some Sunny Day. It is 1940 and as German bombs begin to fall the people of Lavender Road find themselves right in the thick of it. The railway interchange Clapham Junction and the anti aircraft guns on Clapham Common are a target for the Nazis which makes things increasingly difficult for local residents as they try to carry on their everyday lives. ‘Despite the privations and the danger, living and loving must go on. This novel vividly depicts the courage, the grit, the emotion and the defiant laughter of war torn London when, as friends and neighbours, men and women, rich and poor, the inhabitants of Lavender Road face up the trials and tribulations of the London Blitz.’ Western Telegraph


On a Wing and a Prayer follows the war into its third year and people in Lavender Road are now pushed to the limit. Everyday life is hard enough in London in 1941, but it becomes much harder when the constant anxiety for loved ones, the demands on courage and the privations of war are added into the mix. And yet for one person in Lavender Road, Helen de Burrel, the real implications of being at war become even more personal when she finds herself volunteering to join the Special Operations Executive. Nobody knows that her cool exterior conceals such courage … and such fear. But it is 1941, and for her at least, the sense that each day could be her last spurs her on. It also means that love, when it strikes unexpectedly, is doubly dangerous. ‘Unputdownable.’ Western Telegraph


Like it predecessors, London Calling is mainly set in Lavender Road  in south London. Lavender Road is a perfectly ordinary London street. But in wartime ordinary people often find themselves having to do extraordinary things. And as they set off to work in newly liberated North Africa, nurse Molly Coogan and actress Jen Carter are about to take on their biggest challenge yet. ‘One of the best books I’ve ever read.’ ‘A spellbinding story of London at war.’



The Other Side of the Street. It is 1944. Londoners are weary of air raids and rationing.But now it seems the tide of war might finally be turning. In Lavender Road however, people still have challenges to face. Young, recently widowed Louise Rutherford longs to make a new life for herself. When an attractive American officer arrives at the factory where she works to recruit volunteers for a special secret project, she senses an opportunity, but soon discovers that the war seems determined to hamper her plans. Jen Carter’s relationship with the theatrical producer Henry Keller hits a hurdle when an old boyfriend reappears on the scene. And when Hitler’s VI rockets start hitting London, her mother Joyce’s romantic dreams become threatened too. ‘Superb London wartime saga.’ ‘Packed with drama and incident, well observed and vividly painted.’


Victory Girls. It is August 1944.  Allied troops are fighting their way across Europe. But rocket attacks on London are a chilling reminder that the war is far from over. Helen de Burrel knows from bitter experience how dangerous life is in war-torn France, but it’s a long time since she heard from her French fiancé, André Cabillard, and nothing is going to stop her going back there to track him down. Meanwhile Molly Coogan, back from a stint of nursing in North Africa, feels the time has come to discover the truth about her family history, specifically why she was consigned to a children’s home when she was four years old. Victory may be just around the corner but the fighting is far from over for the residents of Lavender Road. ‘I absolutely… LOVED IT!’  ‘A marvelous end to a fabulous series.’ ‘Wonderful wartime adventure. Highly recommended.’



slick deals REVISE5.Biggerslick.deb

Slick Deals. A child is kidnapped in Monaco.  The British government is about to license oil exploration in the Irish Sea.  The only person to see a link is Ella Crossley, a young oil trader in London.  But Ella doesn’t want to get involved. She certainly doesn’t want to get involved with the irritating, American environmentalist Nick Jardine, uncle of the kidnapped child. But when the action moves from Monaco to London and then to West Wales and an  attempt is made on her life, Ella discovers that the only people she can trust are a group of tepee dwelling eco warriors. And as she and Nick Jardine get closer to finding the hostages and to exposing the truth so it becomes imperative for the perpetrators to stop them. Permanently. ‘Like a mixture of Dick Francis, Kate Atkinson and Ben Elton, Slick Deals ticks all the boxes for a lively, satisfying, intelligent page-turner.’ 

To see reviews or to buy a copy please visit Amazon UK or Amazon US 


The Art of Loving. Kelly has won a scholarship to work with the acclaimed artist Wilhelm Brock in the beautiful German city of Heidelberg. She has also managed to arrange to stay with a long lost aunt


while she studies. So far so good. But what she hasn’t accounted for is the angry, brooding presence of eminent nuclear physicist Max Dreiecke von Hardtwald, who is not only her aunt’s step-nephew, but also owns the magnificent house where her aunt lives. Nor has she realised that her aunt is dying and that Max believes that Kelly has materialised out of the woodwork at this precise moment in order to benefit from her substantial will. ‘I guessed it would make me cry but I didn’t know it would make me laugh!

To see reviews or to buy a copy please visit Amazon UK or Amazon US 

For more details about Helen’s novels and her other writing please visit her main website at www.helencareybooks.co.uk

12 thoughts on “Helen Carey’s novels

  1. Janet Lloyd on said:

    I have read the Lavender Road books and i thought they were wonderful. Do you have plans for further saga’s.

    • Thank you so much for getting in touch. I’m delighted you have enjoyed the books! I am having a little break from writing at the moment, but will certainly let you know if and when I write another book. All best wishes until then, Helen

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  3. Marilyn Jones on said:

    I loved your Lavender Road series….cannot wait for more!!!

  4. Gilles Bouchard on said:

    Slick Deals was my first Kindle format novel. Brenda , my wife, reads all of your books and she recommended this tittle. I could not put it down and read it in record time. The story is spellbinding, the characters are interesting and you can’t wait for the next twist or turn. The plot challenges the reader to figure out who is behind the conspiracy; the chapters are short and keep you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend this book to mystery and thriller fans.

    • Thanks you so much for the lovely comments about Slick Deals – very much appreciated! If you had time to pop some comments up onto Amazon that would be great too – it all helps!

  5. Tracey Manning on said:

    Hi Helen, I accidentally found your Lavender rd series through an amazon recommendation and have a huge criticism – I want more!!!! I have fallen in love with the books and the characters and the stories and actually felt I grieved when I finished as there was no more and I would no longer get to be a part of their lives!! Are you writing more? I then read slick deals and although totally different, loved it just as much. You are amazing, will there be more??!! Please…

    • Hi Tracey, thank you for your lovely comments! I am so glad you have enjoyed the books. Yes, I am writing the follow up to On a Wing and a Prayer now (working title London Calling) and it should be out later this year hopefully. I will let you know nearer the time. Many thanks again for getting in touch, best wishes, Helen ps. if you had time or inclination to pop a few comments/review up on Amazon that would be great too – it all helps to spread the word!

  6. I have been a reviewer for ten years and have this past week posted a review of your novel, Lavender Road, on my site. I absolutely LOVED the story and your writing style. Thanks and keep writing.

    • I’m so sorry, I have only just noticed your comment here, somehow it had sneaked past my inbox! But I wanted to thank you (albeit belatedly) for your kind words and for posting a review – very much appreciated. And yes, I am still writing, I’m working on the fourth novel in the Lavender Road series, (working title London Calling) which should be out (with luck) later this year. I’ll keep you posted.

  7. I love the blurb for The Art of Loving. I love anything that has to do with art, artists and brooding males 🙂 I look forward to it’s release on Amazon US so I can check it out.

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