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14 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Every story has a hero. A character who enchants us and challenges us, who inspires us to be better people, who makes us see the world in a whole new light. You are my hero, Helen Carey. I love your books, posts on-line and the person you are. Please don’t stop sharing with us all!♥️

  2. sandy ksiser on said:

    Loved all lavender road booksBut they left me wanting more. We really like to know how all their lives turned out.any chance of a post war book.thanks.

  3. Both books now firmly on Kindle. Efharisto!!

  4. Lavender Road and Slick Deals have been placed firmly on my netbook. I’m not going to be tempted to read them but I’ll give a review on my return from Crete. yamas! or is it yassoo!! (all Greek to me!)

  5. Your friends do know to look for ‘Bel’ not ‘Beryl’, I hope! Still not got the hang of twitter or facebook and I’ve got to go on holiday to find the time to read! God! I never thought I’d be rendered incompetent and speechless by a machine!

  6. I’ll buy both, Helen, but they’re to save for my holidays in Crete at the end of May, so I won’t be able to give you a review until mid-June.

  7. Which book should I start with? In e-book format, please.

    • If you fancy the wartime series then start with Lavender Road, if you are more in an eco thriller mood then Slick Deals would be the one. I have Tweeted your books and will look forward to reading them too. Best wishes, Helen

  8. Dear Helen
    I’ve been remiss in responding because I’m trying to promote my books via the internet and I find I just haven’t got time to read!!! Isn’t that awful? However, I’m going to buy one of your books on Amazon tomorrow, read it and decide if I want more to take on hols with me in late May.

    • Yes, it can be time consuming process, I’ll check them out your books now and will certainly Tweet for you etc. Thank you so much for your interest in my novels, I hope you will enjoy them!

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