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Getting back to work

It is a long time since I last posted on here. Big apologies to anyone who has looked for posts, but I haven’t been writing for a couple of years and I just haven’t got round to it!! Lazy, I know, but somehow other things have filled the gap. I have read more, watched more films, done more crosswords, cooked more (including some fantastic world street food recipes!), and Marc and I have been learning Portuguese, (480 consecutive days on Duolingo and I can now say, with confidence, that there is a large shark residing under the table!)

Also the pandemic made us realize what a privilege it is to live in this corner of beautiful Pembrokeshire. We have relished our land (we have planted 100 baby trees to add to the 400 we planted 8 years ago,) we have turned our garden into a wildlife haven, (this year we have newts and toad spawn in our old bath tub pond), and we have watched Hera, our Greek rescue dog become jollier and jollier as she runs around our fields.

So now things are slowly returning to normal, whatever that is. Or are they? Just as we feel the Covid threat has lifted, we have major new problems confronting us. The idiotic Brexit decision continues to cause difficulties here in the UK, businesses are struggling, the issues over Northern Ireland’s status rumble dangerously on, a rapidly rising cost of living is making actual living very hard for many. Even holiday makers are facing problems, flights being cancelled, huge queues at airports and ferry terminals due to lack of staff, and extra security checks (all due to Brexit). Our government is in disarray, led by someone clearly unfit for office. We can no longer move or trade freely with our closest neighbors. And all this, just when Europe is needing to pull together to stand up to Vladimir Putin.

Suddenly, horribly, it doesn’t feel a million miles away from 1930’s Europe when Adolf Hitler was beginning his murderous rampage. The death and destruction, the refugees, the privations, the hard decisions, the political vacillation, the ominous threat of escalation. This has inevitably led me to think about my Lavender Road books, and about all the fascinating research I did then. There are so many parallels, and so many stories I didn’t use at that time.

So, I am beginning to think about writing another series. I have already done some outlining and some extra research, and I think I might have found some interesting characters and themes to pursue!

I can’t promise that it will be soon though as I plan to do the bulk of the writing next winter when we will probably be back in hibernation! But maybe, just maybe, there will be something else for you to read next year!!

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19 thoughts on “Getting back to work

  1. Margaret Nellor on said:

    So glad you’re considering a new series…writing good novels isn’t a race…only for your readers. Take your time…we’ll be happy to see the new books when you’re ready.

  2. My most sincere condolences in the loss of your Queen. What an amazing and lovely woman.

  3. I have missed you! I love your books and look forward to what is next!

  4. Vicki on said:

    That is exciting news! I love your books and can’t wait to read what is next!

  5. Lyn Davies on said:

    Great news can’t wait to read new series when it is out stay safe

  6. Sandy kaiser on said:

    So glad to hear you are writing again. I love your books so much.

  7. Patrice Kistenmacher on said:

    So glad to get this newsletter with the promise of another book or a series on the horizon. And I was excited to see updated pictures of your dog that you rescued!

  8. Welcome basck – and you have been really busy doing good stuff for yourself. Never a bad thing. I am learning Italian on Duolingo but have to wait until I visit my daughter-in-law for some conversational practice. I can clearly say I eat chocolate cake.

  9. Great news! I’m sure there are loads of us who would really welcome another series from you!

  10. Deborah Kuppusamy on said:

    So good to receive your email. Can’t wait to read whatever you produce. Keep safe

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