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The final moment has come

victory girls show card + me in france

UK edition

And so the final moment has come! VICTORY GIRLS, the sixth and final book in my Lavender Road series, is published today. In hardback in the UK and as eBooks in the UK and USA. The Audio versions will follow very soon, and the paperbacks later in the year.

I can hardly believe that after writing over a million words, I have finally brought the series to an end. And although everyone is asking for more, I really do think a million words is enough! The series starts in 1939 just as the Second World War began, and it finishes in 1945 on VE Day just as Victory in Europe is declared. I like the symmetry of it, six books over six years. And I very much hope all my readers will feel that I have brought the story to a satisfactory end. I will of course miss my long suffering characters, Jen, Joyce, Helen, Molly, Louise, Katy and Mr Lorenz (not to mention the ever gorgeous Ward Frazer, Henry Keller and André Cabillard!) but they will be there in print, and on our Kindles, for perpetuity, available for revisiting and rereading at any point.

me and us victory girls

US edition

So all I am going to say now is that I very much hope you enjoy VICTORY GIRLS, and hope that if you do you will post reviews and star ratings on Amazon and other social media or historical fiction groups. And, if you have time, for the earlier books in the series too! It really does help, and might even persuade me to write the next book!!!


VICTORY GIRLS is published by Headline in the UK and TSAP Books in the USA on 19th April 2018. (Click here to find it in your local Amazon store.)

It’s August 1944. Allied forces are finally making headway in Europe. But continuing rocket attacks on London are a chilling reminder that the war is not yet won. Victory may be just round the corner, but the fighting is far from over for the residents of Lavender Road.

 Sweeping from London to France and on into Germany as Hitler’s army begins to retreat, Victory Girls is full of emotion, excitement and suspense, which will hold readers on the edge of their seats.

  Praise for the Lavender Road novels:

 ‘A tale of ordinary people living extraordinary lives.’ Inside Soap

 ‘Told with real excitement and a passion for the foibles of character and behaviour.’ Andrew Rissik

‘I never got so involved in the lives of book characters as in this series of books.’ Amazon review

 ‘Helen Carey’s Lavender Road novels are written with a lightness of touch, an emotional integrity and an historical accuracy which has brought her respect from critics and readers alike.’  Louis de Bernières

 ‘Funny, poignant, emotional and un-putdownable!’ London Evening Standard

 ‘An incredible tale of bravery, love and trust. A must read.’ whisperingstories.com

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8 thoughts on “The final moment has come

  1. Congratulations, Helen. What an achievement! I know you will miss your characters.

  2. Maria on said:

    Congratulations, it’s such an achievement and one that has brought enjoyment to so many people (including me!) – pre-ordered Victory Girls arrived on my kindle this morning and am so looking forward to reading it!

  3. Sharyl Ann milligan on said:

    Have really enjoyed reading the Lavender Road series, I am disappointed to see the paperback edition is not available in Canada, any idea when I can expect this to be published. I do not have a kindle, & much prefer holding a book in my hands.
    Sincerely hope you come up with another series, your writing is very descriptive of the area (land surrounds). Great Work.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, at the moment the publishers have only released the hardback and eBook. The paperback will be published in the autumn both in the uk and usa, so hopefully you will be able to get one of those! I will let you know the dates in due course.many rhanks agsin for your kind comments. Helen

  4. June R Mordey on said:

    I cant wait for tomorrow to receive my final book in the Lavender Road Series.
    What i do not understand why it hasn’t been made into a T.V. series,i am sure it would rate as highly as Call the Midwife.
    Take note !!!

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