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My latest novel LONDON CALLING comes out in paperback in the UK, Europe and Commonwealth next week. I have just received my advance copies and they are looking good!


London Calling is set in the middle of the Second World War. It follows the lives of a number of people who live in one perfectly ordinary south London Street. But in wartime ordinary people find themselves having to do extraordinary things. And nurse Molly Coogan and actress Jen Carter are about to take on their biggest challenge yet.


LONDON CALLING is already out on Kindle, and in Hardback, and as an Audio version too, read by Annie Aldington.

But now it is in paperback, and it joins the three earlier books with the new branding that my new publishers Headline have given them.

lav rd headline  some sunny day final  on a wing and a prayer 5

I have just recorded a tiny video about my research, showing some of the books I used – you can find that at my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/helencareybooks/

Those of you who have read and enjoyed (and hopefully reviewed!) my earlier Lavender Road books will be glad to know that the next in the series THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET will be published in 2017. And is already on pre-order at Amazon.

Find more information about my books at my book page (see above), or at http://helencareybooks.co.uk





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7 thoughts on “LONDON CALLING

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  2. I have read London Calling and I must admit you seem to grow in stature as a writer with each book.
    Both Lizbeth and I decided we would read a chapter each night and lengthen the anticipation,Ist night read a chapter then another,and another,both finished at around 03-00am !! feeling, as though we had eaten a feast and of course we had,words that brought the characters alive as they had done in the previous books so alive that we both felt we knew them,and slightly cross that they had been out of our lives for so long, but hey ho there is more to come. Hooray.

    • Thanks you for the lovely comments!! I’m so pleased you enjoyed London Calling! Now you can look forward to THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET – coming in April … Hopefully a treat in store!

  3. Teresa Broderick on said:

    I was so thrilled when I saw London Calling being advertised. I LOVE the Lavender Road series. And now there will be another next year. Whoohoo!! Can’t wait.

  4. Hi Helen, congratulations and I love the rebranding. I’m now waiting for my pre-ordered London Calling to drop onto the mat. I’m looking forward to a Christmas treat

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  6. Thanks for all your wonderful books.
    Really intriguing (and impressive) to see how many books you read in order to produce London Calling : can’t quite imagine how you actually found time to write it!

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