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In celebration of St David’s Day

Happy St David’s Day everyone – I wanted to share this to celebrate …


My angels were singing : a poem for St David’s Day


Concocted over the last few spring like days, out walking the dogs, watching the birds, and thinking of those who have died : Derek, who loved Pembrokeshire and rode on Carningli most days, and also of my grandparents (and others), who do – I believe – watch over me.


I stood near the house

where Grace once lived,

My angels were singing.


I watched as birds

and daffodils dived.

My angels were singing.


It’s spring and the sun

bursts fat and alive.

And my angels were singing.


Old crow, silhouetted against Carningli rock,

purple shadowed on blackened burnt bracken,

gorse and heather reeling :

the after shock.

But my angels were singing, still.

As seagulls wheeled across the bay,

catching sea breezes,

tumbling at will.


The Irish Sea lies beneath

becalmed and silvered…

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3 thoughts on “In celebration of St David’s Day

  1. Such a beautiful poem. I love to think of the angels singing!

  2. Helen, thank you for posting this again this year for St David’s Day. Here in New York, St. David’s Day is scarcely noticed. For me, this year, this poem touches me even more than when I first read it on your blog in, I think, 2012. Six days ago, my sister Marjorie died in Caerleon after a long illness. She and I were born in Pembrokeshire many, many years ago, and when she was still well, we would come to stay by the sea there whenever we could. It is wonderful for me now, today, on a cold bleak day in New York City , to read again this poem with its vivid pictures of the landscape, its memories of the past, and its angels singing.

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