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Veterans ( 6th June 1944)

To commemorate D-day I am reblogging Marc Mordey’s wonderful, moving poem. Find more of his work at: http://themarcistagenda.wordpress.com


70 years before…….

Young men stumbling into the shell bound surf

Silver flying fish


The boys, wading on and in

Falling, camouflaged no more

Booming, battling forth

Whistling bullets, the siren song of war

Deafening the ocean’s unerring roar.

Years ago

in Juneau

I watched ‘Saving Private Ryan’

With Pete Bibb

Self appointed ‘old timer’

Who left the movie house

“Cannot watch this, have to go”

he muttered

As the faux machine guns

Cinematically stuttered.

This D Day morning

The robes of priests, clustered

The coat tails of politicians

And hats of royalty


As the bemedalled veterans


Attendant, attentive,

Old men now

Memories shared, perhaps, despairs

Some stood and stared

As the peace yearning prayers

Were uttered.

In the fields at home

The buttercups, the thistle heads

Were bowing in the stiffening wind

That blows across the Channel

Westward, ho!

The clouds scud seawards

A breath of memory passes

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2 thoughts on “Veterans ( 6th June 1944)

  1. Sandy Kaiser on said:

    Please when is your next Lavender road book coming out.I have been waiting so long.

    • Hi Sandy, thanks for the message. I am working on the fourth in the series now and am nearing the end, hurrah! So it should be coming out later this year, or early next year. I will let you know the date in due course. I am sorry for the wait, but I hope it will be worth it! In the meantime thanks so much for your support. All best wishes, Helen

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