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A poem for St David’s Day by Marc Mordey

My Angels were Singing – a poem for St David’s Day by Marc Mordey

 I stood near the house

where Grace once lived,

My angels were singing.

I watched as birds

and daffodils dived.

My angels were singing.

It’s spring and the sun

bursts fat and alive.

And my angels were singing.

Old crow, silhouetted against Carningli rock,

purple shadowed on blackened burnt bracken,

gorse and heather reeling :

the after shock.

But my angels were singing, still.

As seagulls wheeled across the bay,

catching sea breezes,

tumbling at will.

The Irish Sea lies beneath

becalmed and silvered blue,

and my angels were singing.

Wales’ favourite saint remembered

the new season breaks forth, springing,

flowers dancing, church bells – ringing.

His angels – singing.

Seasons, people, live and die,

here and now is for the living.

But remember those you love or loved –

do try.

And let your angels be singing.

Let your angels be singing.

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5 thoughts on “A poem for St David’s Day by Marc Mordey

  1. Jerry Bray on said:

    Oh Marc. I can see the skyline. smell the sea on the breeze and feel the soft moss and bracken under me as I sit on a headland and look out to sea. Fond memories of loved ones past and present come into my mind and yes my angels are singing. I can also smell the burnt landscape and hope that spring will let the pheonix rise out of the ashes and we can once again enjoy the pleasure this wonderful part of the world provides for us all. A lovely poem triggering strong emotions and sences. Evokes a similar response to A Hot Day on The Beach. Hemigwayesk if there is such an adjective. Certainly in the premier league for me.

  2. What a wonderful blog you have here. I’m anxious to come back and read more.

  3. Reading this poem on a gray St. David’s Day morning in Brooklyn was a journey into the past: “remember those you love or loved.” I was born in Pembrokeshire, near Narberth, and my happiest childhood memories are of seaside holidays– Amroth, Wiseman’s Bridge . . . the photograph, Carningli Rock . . . so far away, so familiar. My angels were singing. Thank you.

  4. Very uplifting Marc – especially on a rather cold and foggy day here in the Forest – many thanks!

  5. Anne and David Barrett on said:

    MarcMy angels sang whilst I read it!Together, with the lovely photo it
    captured all the beauty of the moment. Thank you so much. Anne and David

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